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Disperse Dye Ink
Product Name Disperse Dye Ink

Disperse Dye Ink

Disperse Dye Ink is suitable for all digital printers

Disperse dye inks for direct printing on the polyester and polyester blend fabrics. Magic Color disperse inks are made from High Energy Disperse dyes. These inks offer excellent transfer depths with high fixation strength & rich saturated colors.

Magic Color disperse inks are available for wide range of industrial print-heads such as Epson, KM, Spectra Polaris, Fuji Dimatix, Seiko, Ricoh & Kyocera. These inks are tailor-made for high performance with these industrial print-heads


Porducts Detail

Products name: Disperse Dye Ink
Used For Printer Head: Epson DX6/DX5/DX7, TFP series, For Industrial Head, such as Ricoh Gen4, Gen4L, Gen5, Konica 512/1024, Star fire 1024/512, Seiko 1020/512, Spectra Galaxy, Panasonic.
Packing:100ml 500ml 1000ml 5L 20L
Warranty Time: 24 Months under temperature of 5~25℃ and out of direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits

  • High Energy Dispersed Dyes
  • Excellent Fade & Wash Resistance
  • High Color Depth due to Deep Penetration

Scope of application

Disperse dye ink suitable for printing industrial textiles such as car seat covers, interior designs (curtains, carpets, etc.) due to its high resistance to crocking and colorfastness to light. It is also suitable for apparel products due to its resistance against perspiration and washing. 
Disperse Dye Ink

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